Saikat is a charitable, non-profit organization (as defined by section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), serving the community since its inception in 1987. We are dedicated to promote Bengali and Indian culture in San Diego and neighboring communities. We foster the spirit of sharing within the local community, while reaching out when needed to the unfortunates across the globe.

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Giving Back

We actively give back to the community. The spirit of volunteering has been ingrained in us from our early days when lack of man-power was more than compensated for by an abundance of energy and good will. Check some details about our charitable efforts here.

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We promote Indian culture with an emphasis on Bengali culture within the local community, regardless of ethnicity and religion. We hold variuous activities to help preserve the strong cultural and social heritage of Eastern India and Bangladesh. Saikat has been holding cultural events such as Saraswati Puja, Cultural Program Krishti, Annual Picnic, Durga Puja in San Diego.

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Saikat "Brown Bag Brigade"

This program aims to provide food to the homeless and economically challenged people in San Diego.


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