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Dear Saikat Poribar,

People of Bengal need rain to survive but ironically too much rain (well  beyond the monsoon season) has wreaked havoc in several parts of India including West Bengal and inflicted indescribable misery and hardship  for millions of people of Bengal. While we are getting ready to welcome Maa Durga in just few more weeks, these unfortunate people see no hopes. We, the expatriates living in San Diego, need to respond to this miserable situation and help out as much as we can.

With this in mind , Saikat EC has decided to send financial help in two installments to bona fide organizations which are  engaged in relief work in the region. As a first installment, Saikat will send $2000 right away. At the same time, we urge our members and patrons to donate generously to Saikat fund. Every year we collect donation for Durga Puja. This year EC has decided to donate 50% of extra donations coming from our members towards flood relief. You can send your donation anytime starting now till the end of Durga Puja (September 30/ October 1).  Saikat EC is mindful of budgetary implications of this relief work during our upcoming Durga Puja festival. EC will make every possible adjustment in budget allocation in order to facilitate this 50% contribution.

Several NGOs working in West Bengal have also approached us for monetary help. Saikat has decided to support the following two charitable organizations:

  1. Bharat Sevashram Sangha

  2. Goonj, founded by Magsaysay Award winner Anshu Gupta ( In partnership with Kolkata Gives ((, Goonj is working in the fields in Midnapore, Bankura, Dinajpur and many other impacted provinces.

A short video clip on the status out there and a pdf outlining the relief operation carried out by the NGOs is attached

We urge our members to contribute generously so that we can donate a sizeable amount in the second installment for rehabilitation of the impacted people.


Saikat EC

Picture Credits: Goonj


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